Minimize the Liability of a Home Pool

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Pools can be great fun and an excellent way to cool off during the hot summer months, but they can also prove to be a liability to homeowners. Once you’ve secured liability insurance for your pool, there are a few other steps you can take to minimize your risk if someone gets hurt while swimming on your property.

Fence Your Yard and Your Pool

Putting up solid fences (not just chain link) will help to deter children and other trespassers from seeing your pool and feeling tempted to enter your property. Most people opt to just fence in their yard with a privacy fence, but it’s recommended that you go the extra mile and put up a rearrangable safety fence around the perimeter of your pool as well. This will keep children and animals, invited or otherwise, from wandering into your pool unsupervised and drowning there.

Put Up Signs

Signage alone won’t save you in court, but taking the steps to post warnings and safety rules around your pool will show that you do care about keeping people safe and will work in your favor. Put up warning signs that caution drowning and pool rules that state things like no running, no diving, floor is slippery, and the like. This will help to caution guests and prevent accidents that you could be liable for.

Don’t Allow Guests in the Pool When You’re Not Home

If you’re not around to supervise people, don’t them in the pool. It’s difficult to stop determined trespassers, but you at least take a preventative step with friends and family. Simply let people know that you’re not comfortable with them stopping by and using your swimming pool if you’re away from the house. If you have a house sitter at any point, let them know the same thing.