One Mistake That Sinks Car Accident Claims Left and Right

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If you’re going to be like one of dozens of people who have to file a claim about a car accident along Meade Street, North York every year you should know what you have to do to make your claim turn out properly. Even if you’re involved in what you think is a minor fender bender, here’s what you must do (and what people usually skip for minor accidents): go to the hospital. Right then and there, it doesn’t matter where you’re going. Any personal injury lawyer Mississauga has will tell you the same. Medical proof is how you win cases.

You Don’t Always Know When You’re Injured

If you’re not injured critically, you might not even know you’ve been hurt immediately. Adrenaline works to block pain, prepping for a “fight or flight” moment where knowing that you’ve sprained a muscle in your neck would only slow you down. Once you’re out of that life-hanging-in-the-balance moment, however, you might find yourself in a lot of pain—and without direct proof that the accident caused your injury.

Get and save Your Copies of Everything

When it comes to personal injury law firms, Mississauga has its share. They all agree that you should keep every scrap of paper from your trip to the hospital. While you can get your medical records at a later date you might have to pay for copying, and it can slow down your settlement process.

Take Pictures Before and after Treatment

An injury lawyer North York keeps in business will tell you that appearances matter. Injuries don’t often look as bad as they are after treatment, so get pictures before and after stitches, before and after bruising forms, and so forth so that it’s clear you really did suffer.