Pool Toys That Aren’t as Safe as They Look

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When you’re furnishing your pool for summer fun in Vaughan, you need to make sure that you aren’t stocking it with a number of pool toys that might be far more dangerous than they actually look. Understanding what is still fun but will keep your family safe is important, so make sure to follow our advice, and avoid certain toys that might end up causing more issues than they will fun.

Very Large Inflatables

Incredibly large inflatable toys look like a blast, but they can actually be far more of a hazard than you’d ever imagine. Consider this: an enormous inflatable that looks extremely sturdy, and therefore, your children want to keep making running leaps onto it from the pool’s edge.

You can immediately see why this would be a huge hazard, and could lead to a number of slip and fall scenarios. The possibility of a personal injury here is very high, and obviously you don’t want to end up dealing with that.

Anything Involving Trailing Ropes or Arms

There are a number of pool toys on the market that have a great number of ropes or arms attached to them. This might seem fairly harmless at first, but in the event that you or one of your children trips over these arms and ropes, or ends up tangled in them in the water, this could end up causing a great deal of harm to you.

You want to avoid these on the basis that with smaller children, this could result in drowning. Stay away from toys that have too many trailing ends, because in the water, this could prove deadly.

Heavy Inflatables

While not all inflatables are going to be very large, very heavy ones can end up being a huge issue in the pool. Avoid them, and you’ll be safer this summer.