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Tips to Protect Yourself from Aggressive Neighbourhood Strays

Brantford has both a sizable wildlife population and a large amount of pet owners. In normal circumstances, the wild fox and deer that make Brantford their home are often majestic or whimsical, and your neighbours may have a friendly dog that you know by name. In other cases, sometimes wildlife isn’t so friendly, strays can be vicious, and neighbourhood pets can become very aggressive. When you’re involved with an animal attack, it’s important to know what to do in order to minimize your injuries and stay safe.

Mind Your Own Business and Avoid Eye Contact

When an aggressive animal sees you and acts threatened, it’s important not to be visibly panicked. While it’s hard to stay cool on the inside, your physical emotions can be easily picked up on by most animals and cause them alarm. Panicking visibly can alert a stray or wild dog to the fact that you’re afraid or it may take it as a sign of aggression, making you a target or a threat. When you see an animal that may be aggressive simply continue walking away from it or move out of the area. Keep a normal pace, avoiding looking at the animal or making sudden movements.

When Attacked, Cover and Keep Still

If the animal attacks you despite your efforts to avoid being noticed, don’t try to defend yourself unless you feel that you can absolutely best them, such as avoiding a small dog or opossum. In most cases where an animal is threatening and large, acting on the offense will only make the situation worse. Instead, simply make yourself as small as possible while covering your face, neck, and stomach. A fetal position works well in most cases. Try to remain as still as possible without making noise. An animal that knows you aren’t a threat or potential food may leave you alone. If the attack persists, try to call for help while still covering your vital areas.

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The HTA and You: Biking Laws in Mississauga

Not sure what the HTA is? If you ride a bicycle in Ontario, either recreationally or as a sport, then you definitely need to understand what it means. The HTA stands for Highway Traffic Act and is the number one law descriptor for cyclists in Ontario. This law states many things about how cyclists are classified on the road, laws for how cyclists should operate their bikes, and even the necessary accessories a cyclist needs to be on the road.

Stay Aware or Be Fined

Cyclists in Cambridge are all held to the standards of the HTA, no matter if they’re casual cyclists or have a bike route they go through every day. One important part of the HTA to be aware of regardless of your level of cycling ability is the various infractions you can commit that can net you a hefty fine. For instance, riding without a helmet and being under the age of 16 can incur an 85 dollar fine. Other fines included in the act cover ineffective brakes, not having a proper horn or bell, and not having the correct amount of reflectors or lights on a bicycle.

Be One with the Road

After the HTA was put into effect, all cyclists on the road were considered motorists driving vehicles. This means that cyclists have to abide by many of the same rules that car drivers do, including staying in the proper lane, hand signaling, and following the instructions given by road signs. Failure to follow these laws can result in fines and tickets. Why are Cambridge police suddenly being so strict in enforcing the HTA? The HTA wasn’t put in motion to inconvenience anyone. Reading the HTA, the laws within the act are only set out to help keep Ontario cyclists safe, and that includes all of the bicycle riders in Cambridge.

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Pool Toys That Aren’t as Safe as They Look

When you’re furnishing your pool for summer fun in Vaughan, you need to make sure that you aren’t stocking it with a number of pool toys that might be far more dangerous than they actually look. Understanding what is still fun but will keep your family safe is important, so make sure to follow our advice, and avoid certain toys that might end up causing more issues than they will fun.

Very Large Inflatables

Incredibly large inflatable toys look like a blast, but they can actually be far more of a hazard than you’d ever imagine. Consider this: an enormous inflatable that looks extremely sturdy, and therefore, your children want to keep making running leaps onto it from the pool’s edge.

You can immediately see why this would be a huge hazard, and could lead to a number of slip and fall scenarios. The possibility of a personal injury here is very high, and obviously you don’t want to end up dealing with that.

Anything Involving Trailing Ropes or Arms

There are a number of pool toys on the market that have a great number of ropes or arms attached to them. This might seem fairly harmless at first, but in the event that you or one of your children trips over these arms and ropes, or ends up tangled in them in the water, this could end up causing a great deal of harm to you.

You want to avoid these on the basis that with smaller children, this could result in drowning. Stay away from toys that have too many trailing ends, because in the water, this could prove deadly.

Heavy Inflatables

While not all inflatables are going to be very large, very heavy ones can end up being a huge issue in the pool. Avoid them, and you’ll be safer this summer.

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Why a Work Related Injury Hurts You More Than Just Physically

Work related injuries are always bad news. No one ever expects to walk into work for the day and leave suffering from an injury that was made through no fault of their own. One of the first steps that should always be taken immediately after a personal injury is contacting one of the best Kitchener personal injury lawyers and letting them help you with your case. Unfortunately, the setbacks don’t always stop once you’ve found a good lawyer. A personal injury will always put a victim in a bind, but a work related injury is always worse for various reasons.

Even though a good personal injury lawyer in Kitchener will always work hard to make sure that you get the most out of your case, there are other setbacks that even a lawyer can’t always help directly with. If a work related injury is bad enough, it will force the victim to take time off of work in order to recover. Not only can this result in a loss of wages, but it can also affect a victim mentally. If an accident is bad enough, a victim could be forced to spend a good amount of time in the hospital. Damaged muscles, broken bones and other serious injuries can put a person completely out of commission. This will not only affect their ability to do anything physically, but this can also affect them mentally. Injury victims that are forced to be bed ridden for a long period of time are much more likely to develop depression.

If you have suffered from feelings of depression, anxiety or any other type of mental setbacks due to a work related injury, it’s always important to let your Kitchener personal injury lawyer know right away, and it could very well help your claim and get you more money.

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What’s Expected of You as a Car Accident Witness

If you see a car accident happen, you can choose to stay in the immediate area of the accident and act as a witness to the event. This is helpful to both 911 responders and to victims of minor accidents who will want to get back in touch with you to stick up for them in court.

Write Your Account of the Accident

If you’ve just witnessed a car accident and pulled over to offer your services as a witness, expect to have to write down your account of what happened. An accident victim or a lawyer may approach you for your contact information so you can give the account later, or asked to write down what you saw right there at the scene. Give an accurate and detailed account of what you saw, sign and date the paper, and give your contact information in case they need clarification later on.

You May Have to Go to Court

At some point in the case, someone may contact you and ask you to come into court and testify on behalf of the accident victim or victims. This can cause some disruption to your routine, so be sure that you’re ready to commit to calls like this before you volunteer as a witness to the accident.

Hit and Run Incidents

If you see a hit and run accident, you should not try to pursue or confront the driver that made a run for it. Instead, call 911 and report everything you can about the car, the driver, and the accident itself. Don’t try to touch or move an accident victim because you could make their injuries significantly more severe. If at all possible, try to get the license plate number (or at least part of it) from the vehicle that cause the accident.

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What You Should Do When Your Dog Is Provoked

Not every dog attack is the fault of the dog that wins. If your dog was provoked by another person or another dog while you were out of your house, or if someone breaks the law by going into your house and are then attacked, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You could be fighting for your dog’s life. In cases like that of two cane corsos who killed a Mississauga Chichuahua in 2013 while the Chichuahua’s owners tried to protect it, it’s clear who was in the wrong: but how do you prove that your dog wasn’t the blame when it comes out on top?

Step One: Take Pictures of Everything

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that’s never truer than when you’re trying to save your dog. Take pictures of the other dog, take pictures of your dogs’ wounds, and get pictures of any human injured if you can. Getting a personal injury lawyer, Mississauga-based, on board takes proof that you care about your dog and your case. if you’ve set a good foundation they’re much more likely to hop on board.

Step Two: Gather Any Witnesses Together

Your Mississauga personal injury lawyers are going to want to know if you have any witnesses, so don’t leave the scene without getting the name and number of anyone you can. You have to find proof of what happened before the fight began, not just which dog won the fight.

Step Three: Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve done your homework, personal injury lawyers Mississauga trusts are going to be on board to help you keep your pet alive. The more evidence you have the better; have your lawyer put together a defensive letter that you can issue to the provoking person or the provoking dog’s owner.

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Pieces of Evidence Necessary for a Work-Related Injury Case

Getting injured on the job is not something anybody ever expects to deal with. It is unfortunately common, even in Whitby – a worker at a nearby General Motors plant was injured by a falling lift table and suffered a number of broken bones as a result. If you are the victim of a work-related injury or accident, you need a local Mississauga personal injury lawyer to help you deal with the matter. It can be a very challenging type of personal injury claim to file and win, so you’re going to need all the help you can get. That means you need to understand what kind of evidence you will need to help win your work-related injury case.

Proof of Your Injuries

If you want to receive any kind of compensation for medical expenses, you really do need to have proof of your injuries. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention right away. If you don’t have any kind of evidence that you were actually injured on the job and not by something else, your chances of being successful are very slim. Any personal injury lawyer Mississauga has to offer will make this clear for you.

The Entire Story about How You Received Your Injuries

Each workplace accident is different, and in order to make your case clear, you need to have a concise account of what happened to you. Even the finest personal injury lawyers Mississauga has to offer can’t help you if you do not have proof of what happened to you. It’s important to make sure you practice telling your story about the incident so that you don’t wind up making any mistakes or contradicting yourself. This is one of the most important things you can do to help try to win your case.

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How to Avoid a Slip and Fall While on Vacation

Peterborough has a lot to offer anyone who decides to vacation there. The city has endless possibilities of fun, but it’s always important to stay safe while having a good time. Nothing is going to ruin a vacation faster than suffering from a personal injury due to a slip and fall accident while on vacation. In order to keep you and your loved ones happy and safe while on vacation, pay attention to these important tips if you want to avoid a slip and fall.

Watch Your Step in the Shower

Whether at home, a friend’s house or at a hotel, anyone can slip and fall while taking a shower. Slippery soaps on slick surfaces can spell out trouble no matter what. When showering at own home, a person can easily get use to the surface of their own shower and learn what not to do. However, while on vacation, showers are constantly getting cleaned and polished, and they might be a little more slippery than what a person is used to at home.

Avoid Running on Wet or Freshly Polished Surfaces

When staying at a hotel on vacation, it’s always important to be mindful of where you’re going. When visiting pools or walking through a lobby, always make sure not to run. Certain surfaces, especially ones that a person is unfamiliar with, might be wet or freshly polished and might be asking for a slip and fall to happen. Always be careful and don’t run on surfaces that could have a potentially dangerous surface.

Be Mindful of Where You’re Walking

When a person goes on vacation, there’s a very big chance that they are visiting some place they’ve never been before. Whether visiting the city life in Peterborough or spending some time in one of the historic districts, there are plenty of new things to discover in new places. But, it’s also important to always watch where you’re going. Roads or sidewalks can sometimes be uneven and might cause issues for people that aren’t familiar with the area.

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Facts You Need to Be Presenting during a Wrongful Death Case

When a case of wrongful death comes across the desk of an mississauga injury layer, we know it’s nothing to be taken lightly. A wrongful death doesn’t just affect the victim; it can affect an entire family. When it comes to a case of wrongful death, it can sometimes be difficult to know what you need to do first. With all of the emotional grief and sudden funeral expenses that have popped up, dealing with a lawyer can sometimes be the last thing on a person’s mind. However, when presenting your case, there are a few facts that you need to be presenting in order to get the compensation that you need.

Show Any and All Expenses That Came from the Accident

When an accident happens, there’s no denying that there are plenty of expenses that suddenly pop up. Medical fees and hospital bills, loss of wages due to an absence from work, as well as the cost of any other damages that a vehicle or other person belonging might as suffered from. With a wrongful death, there is also a funeral expense now tacked on. When choosing a personal injury lawyer in mississauga to help settle your claim, it’s important to bring everything to the table. Show any and all expenses that came from the accident. Show the loss of wages that both you and the victim might be suffering from. Keep any receipts, and let your lawyer do the rest.

Get Proof of Your Claim

In a wrongful death case, it’s already obvious that something went horribly wrong. To further help your claim, you and your injury lawyer in mississauga need to be providing proof of your claim. Collect as much evidence as you can, and take pictures of where the accident happened as soon as possible. Show that conditions were dangerous, and that the accident could have been avoided had it not been for the negligence of another person.

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Common Dangers to Cyclists You May Not Be Prepared For

Cycling is a popular hobby for many people. Some choose to do it for the exercise, others because it’s a more enjoyable alternative than relying on a car to get them everywhere. However, cycling doesn’t come without it’s fair share of hazards, and it’s important that any cyclist be aware of that. While there are some dangers that seem fairly obvious, such as drivers and bad trail conditions, there are other dangers out there that you may not expect until it’s too late.

Other People

Most cities have an abundance of multi-use trails meant for cyclist, hikers, and joggers. These trails are usually well-maintained and frequently used. However, there’s one big hazard that comes with these trails, and that hazard is the other people that use the trails. Cyclists are expected to wear gear that makes them highly visible and use a horn, bell, or vocal signs to indicate that they’re approaching others on the trail. However, even if they do all that, if a hiker or jogger steps into their path it could cause an accident. The biggest threat to cyclist on these trails is other people, particularly those who aren’t paying attention or are listening to headphones so that they’re unable to hear you approach.

Debris in the Path

Most trails, like Belleville’s Waterfront Trail, are well maintained. However, even the most diligent of maintenance crews can’t control the weather. Bad thunderstorms with heavy win can cause trees to fall over, which may leave branches in the middle of the bike paths. If you come around a corner and don’t see this obstacle in time, it could lead to a wreck. Obviously you can’t predict what shape the paths will be in, but you can be aware of previous bad weather and the damage it may have done.