Tips to Protect Yourself from Aggressive Neighbourhood Strays

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Brantford has both a sizable wildlife population and a large amount of pet owners. In normal circumstances, the wild fox and deer that make Brantford their home are often majestic or whimsical, and your neighbours may have a friendly dog that you know by name. In other cases, sometimes wildlife isn’t so friendly, strays can be vicious, and neighbourhood pets can become very aggressive. When you’re involved with an animal attack, it’s important to know what to do in order to minimize your injuries and stay safe.

Mind Your Own Business and Avoid Eye Contact

When an aggressive animal sees you and acts threatened, it’s important not to be visibly panicked. While it’s hard to stay cool on the inside, your physical emotions can be easily picked up on by most animals and cause them alarm. Panicking visibly can alert a stray or wild dog to the fact that you’re afraid or it may take it as a sign of aggression, making you a target or a threat. When you see an animal that may be aggressive simply continue walking away from it or move out of the area. Keep a normal pace, avoiding looking at the animal or making sudden movements.

When Attacked, Cover and Keep Still

If the animal attacks you despite your efforts to avoid being noticed, don’t try to defend yourself unless you feel that you can absolutely best them, such as avoiding a small dog or opossum. In most cases where an animal is threatening and large, acting on the offense will only make the situation worse. Instead, simply make yourself as small as possible while covering your face, neck, and stomach. A fetal position works well in most cases. Try to remain as still as possible without making noise. An animal that knows you aren’t a threat or potential food may leave you alone. If the attack persists, try to call for help while still covering your vital areas.