What You Should Do When Your Dog Is Provoked

Dog, Provoked

Not every dog attack is the fault of the dog that wins. If your dog was provoked by another person or another dog while you were out of your house, or if someone breaks the law by going into your house and are then attacked, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You could be fighting for your dog’s life. In cases like that of two cane corsos who killed a Mississauga Chichuahua in 2013 while the Chichuahua’s owners tried to protect it, it’s clear who was in the wrong: but how do you prove that your dog wasn’t the blame when it comes out on top?

Step One: Take Pictures of Everything

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that’s never truer than when you’re trying to save your dog. Take pictures of the other dog, take pictures of your dogs’ wounds, and get pictures of any human injured if you can. Getting a personal injury lawyer, Mississauga-based, on board takes proof that you care about your dog and your case. if you’ve set a good foundation they’re much more likely to hop on board.

Step Two: Gather Any Witnesses Together

Your Mississauga personal injury lawyers are going to want to know if you have any witnesses, so don’t leave the scene without getting the name and number of anyone you can. You have to find proof of what happened before the fight began, not just which dog won the fight.

Step Three: Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve done your homework, personal injury lawyers Mississauga trusts are going to be on board to help you keep your pet alive. The more evidence you have the better; have your lawyer put together a defensive letter that you can issue to the provoking person or the provoking dog’s owner.