What’s Expected of You as a Car Accident Witness

Car, Accident, Witness

If you see a car accident happen, you can choose to stay in the immediate area of the accident and act as a witness to the event. This is helpful to both 911 responders and to victims of minor accidents who will want to get back in touch with you to stick up for them in court.

Write Your Account of the Accident

If you’ve just witnessed a car accident and pulled over to offer your services as a witness, expect to have to write down your account of what happened. An accident victim or a lawyer may approach you for your contact information so you can give the account later, or asked to write down what you saw right there at the scene. Give an accurate and detailed account of what you saw, sign and date the paper, and give your contact information in case they need clarification later on.

You May Have to Go to Court

At some point in the case, someone may contact you and ask you to come into court and testify on behalf of the accident victim or victims. This can cause some disruption to your routine, so be sure that you’re ready to commit to calls like this before you volunteer as a witness to the accident.

Hit and Run Incidents

If you see a hit and run accident, you should not try to pursue or confront the driver that made a run for it. Instead, call 911 and report everything you can about the car, the driver, and the accident itself. Don’t try to touch or move an accident victim because you could make their injuries significantly more severe. If at all possible, try to get the license plate number (or at least part of it) from the vehicle that cause the accident.